Due to our vast experience in the transportation market, we have considered and corrected many confusing nuances of our competitors, and thus reached the best value for money of the service. We are the only ones who provide the ability to pay by credit card through a mobile terminal. We have the newest vehicle fleet among the private carriers in Kyiv: cars of 2020, specially customized for the needs of this type of transportation. You no longer have to pay a fortune for low-level comfort. Compact size, inexpensive maintenance and extremely economical operation of our cars make it possible to set minimum tariffs for our services. Disinfection after each client, free personal protective equipment for each accompanying person will ensure confidence in personal safety. Free Wi-Fi and other pleasant things in the car will complement the overall picture of a comfortable trip.




Transportation of patients

Transportation of a patient in Ukraine and abroad: a full range of services

Transportation of patients involves the transportation of patients by medical taxi between hospitals and for examination, including MRI, ultrasound and CT. Patient transportation services include transportation from the hospital to their home and responding to a call from home.
In addition, we meet patients in a supine or seated position at airports and train stations for further transportation to a medical institution. The transportation of patients is carried out under the supervision of qualified medical specialists and using the necessary specialized equipment.
In addition to the transportation of patients in Kyiv and beyond, across the country and in other states, we provide medical services for thematic and large-scale events, including corporate events, sports competitions and celebrity concerts. The existing range of services also extends to medical support of the filming process.

Transportation of the patient around the city and suburbs

One of the main services is the transportation of patients in a supine or seated position. The company guarantees a high level of comfort and quality of service. The transportation of the patient is also affordable for the customer.
In addition to the standard set of services, the company has strived to expand and improve the existing service. Transportation of bedridden patients in Kyiv or other cities of Ukraine for affordable prices also includes additional services related to moving a severe patient up and down the stairs and between wards. The company can also provide the necessary equipment, including a stretcher and a wheelchair.

Transportation of patients within the country

Given that not every public or private medical facility has access to medical transportation equipment for patients in a supine or seated position, the company provides the necessary high-quality and affordable services for the transportation of patients, as well as regular transportation of patients from Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv and other cities of the country to Kyiv and back.

Patient transportation (medical taxi): prices

The final cost of services for the transportation of patients with different conditions within a city or country, including to another state, is affordable but depends largely on additional factors associated with transportation.
For more detailed information about the transportation of patients across the country and abroad, the cost of services based on the existing difficulties, contact the company's managers at the phone number available on the official website.