Cost of transportation in Kyiv and other cities from 300 UAH
Cost of transportation acros Ukraine from 7 UAH/km
Waiting cost from 400 UAH/hour
Car delivery 300 UAH
Assistance of unlicensed assistive personnel 200 UAH
Cost of transferring patients from 50 UAH/floor


Transportation of patients: pricing features

The prices of transporting patients by medical taxis are calculated on the basis of the distance between the points of transportation of severe patients and disabled people. In addition, the travel time of the vehicle is an important factor for the final price. SPETSMEDTRANS also considers other factors that affect the final price of transportation of patients in a supine and seated position, including the level of urgency, time of day, and traffic jams. Weather also means much for patient transportation. Before placing an order, SpecMedTrans managers should find out the patient's weight and condition. The latter factor determines the need for medical escort and assistance on the way. Transportation of patients in a supine and seated position or severe patients is assessed differently, as the transportation process can be complicated by the use of specialized medical equipment. Additional factors affecting the final cost of medical support are the waiting time for transport, while the medical staff is examining the patient, the need to transfer the patient up and down the stairs. In addition, the individual requirements of the customer are also considered, however, the employees of the company should be informed in advance about the need for additional service. For more detailed information about the order and the cost of transportation ask the dispatcher of the company.