Due to our vast experience in the transportation market, we have considered and corrected many confusing nuances of our competitors, and thus reached the best value for money of the service. We are the only ones who provide the ability to pay by credit card through a mobile terminal. We have the newest vehicle fleet among the private carriers in Kyiv: cars of 2020, specially customized for the needs of this type of transportation. You no longer have to pay a fortune for low-level comfort. Compact size, inexpensive maintenance and extremely economical operation of our cars make it possible to set minimum tariffs for our services. Disinfection after each client, free personal protective equipment for each accompanying person will ensure confidence in personal safety. Free Wi-Fi and other pleasant things in the car will complement the overall picture of a comfortable trip.




Transportation of disabled people

SpecMedTrans key services

Transportation of disabled people, starting from 300 UAH, in Kyiv, across the country and abroad, includes the transportation of patients between medical facilities. Transportation of disabled people between hospitals is just one of the offered services, the range of which includes transportation to a medical institution and back home, delivery of patients to the right place for examinations, including MRI, ultrasound and CT.
Our medical team with specialized equipment responds to calls and provides high-quality and fast transportation of a patient from airports and train stations to a public or private medical facility. In addition to the standard range of services, the company rents out medical equipment for transporting a patient from one place to another.

Transportation of disabled people: additional services

SpecMedTrans is known for its high-quality service, the specially equipped vehicles (medical taxi) for transporting bedridden or seating patients, as well as for its accessibility both for residents of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. Transportation services are provided both throughout Ukraine and abroad. In addition, SpecMedTrans is ready to provide additional services.
They include moving the patients up and down the stairs on a soft or hard stretcher, which depends on the individual requirements of the patient, providing the necessary medical equipment for self-carrying and the necessary medical assistance on the way to a medical facility.

Transportation of bedridden disabled people in Kyiv, from the capital to other cities of Ukraine and back also includes the transportation of patients from one place to another - between medical institutions, a place of permanent residence and a summer residence, apartments, etc. The main task of SpecMedTrans is to provide quality service and a car for transportation at any time convenient for the patient.
Transportation of disabled people is one of the main services of SpecMedTrans, affordable for different segments of the population. The final cost of services depends much on the number of additional services required for comfortable and safe transportation of the patient, i.e. moving up and down the stairs, medical escort, etc.

Prices of patient’s transportation

Transportation of disabled people by medical taxi is an affordable service. Considering its level and quality, the transportation of disabled people by SpecMedTrans will be cheap. SpecMedTrans guarantees both quality and comfort, as well as care for each patient. In addition to the standard range of services, we offer a car for transporting a bedridden or seating patient, including in a wheelchair.
For more detailed information about the patient's transportation, the price of a standard range of services and additional services please call the SpecMedTrans managers at the phone number available on the website.